The Circle of the Pines


The Circle of the Pines consists of 55 individuals and is located outside the city of Greenpine.

Uncommon Item: Bag of Tricks
Rare Item: Ring of Animal Influence


Person Apprenticeship Special Training
Miriam Greyes Religion, Charisma saves Painting, Navigating, Language (Óneirian)

Voice of the Forest

Person Apprenticeship Special Training
Willow Tarlal Nature, Wisdom saves Herbalism, Poisoning, Language (Ylian)

High Warden / Attendant of the Grove
Neya Ilmu / Bikrom Cragbough

Druids / Rangers
13 individuals / 7 individuals
Nuonna Amanodel / Caelathim Amanodel

The Uninitiated
30 other individuals


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