A few established spells are in fact not magic in The World of Ysir. They are instead examples of Antimagic and are hereafter referred to as Void. These spells are:

Counterspell: 3rd Level Abjuration
Dispel Magic: 3rd Level Abjuration
Forbiddance: 6th Level Abjuration
Antimagic Field: 8th Level Abjuration

Void is an active force different and separate from magic. This holds true not only in Ysir, but also on the other planes established within this campaign’s cosmology.

The rules for Void can be found below:

1) Any ability or spell that would require the use of Ether as a primer for magic does not function in an area of Void.

2) Void does not dispel magic; it suppresses it. As Void fades or the center of the Void effect moves away the magic slowly returns. Spells that still have part of their duration left begin functioning again at a rate of one caster level of effectiveness per turn until it reaches peak efficiency or its duration expires. Magic items have a cumulative 25% chance becoming usable again each round. Magic casters within a dissipating Void effect may cast spells the turn after the effect has faded.

3) Spell areas that include both a Void area and a normal area, but are not centered in the Void area, still function in the normal area. If the spell’s center is in the Void area, then the spell is suppressed.

4) Golems and other magical constructs, DO NOT normally function in a Void area. Each round that a magical construct begins its turn within a Void effect they must make a Wisdom Save, DC equal to the Void-effect level + 8. If it passes the creature may continue taking a normal turn. If it fails, their consciousness is suppressed and they become inert (treat as unconscious) until the effect fades or they are no longer within the Void effect.

5) Each round that a summoned creature exists within a Void effect they must make a Wisdom Save, DC equal to the Void-effect level + 8. If it fails the roll they are automatically banished back to their native plane.

6) Magic items with continuous effects do not function in the area of a void effect, but their effects are not canceled (so the contents of a bag of holding are unavailable, but neither spill out nor disappear forever).

7) Two void areas in the same place do not cancel each other out, nor do they stack.

8) Void CAN NOT be dispelled.

9) Casting a Void effect is an incredibly taxing process. When a Void effect is cast the caster must immediately make a Concentration check, even if the Void effect does not require Concentration. The DC for this concentration check is 10 + the level that the spell was cast at. If the caster succeeds, the Void effect transpires without adverse effect. However, if the caster fails they immediately take 1d6 Necrotic damage per level the spell was cast at. The Void effect then transpires, even if the damage has killed the caster.


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